About KIC

About Konkokyo International Center (KIC)

Konkokyo International Center was established in 1993 to work on the international activities of Konkokyo. We work in close cooperation with the Seoul and Asuncion activity centers, and Konko churches in North America, Hawaii and Brazil to continue propagation efforts. Also, we hold Konkokyo gatherings in Europe and Australia.

We translate Konkokyo books, publish an English newsletter titled “Face to Faith” four times a year and e-mail a KIC magazine in Japanese every other month.

Activity Policy of KIC

In order to realize the salvation of the World and Humanity, KIC:

  1. shares our faith with people all over the world and save them.
  2. strengthens cooperations with local propagational bodies, network believers, and promotes localization of Konko Faith.
  3. outputs and inputs information necessary for Konkokyo from the viewpoint of the “world”.
  4. clarifies the Konkokyo doctrine required for world propagation.
  5. develops “human resource” for world propagation.