Sermon from the September 2016 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”

We Don’t Know What to Expect Right Now,
But our First Step Will Lead us to Salvation


By the Rev. Ryo Yoshinaga
Konko Church of Wakamatsu

(From the September 2016 issue of Konkokyo-ho Ametsuchi)

吉永亮師写真_finalSalvation in our Hearts

On April 14th, 2016, we had the “2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.”  The areas that the earthquake damaged are in an unstable situation: No one can foresee how those areas will be tomorrow, one week later, or one year later.  However, each one of us is also in a similar situation, in fact: we never know when we will run into problems in our respective lives.  続きを読む

Sermon from the October 2016 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”


Step by Step


By the Rev. Seiji Yamasaki
Konko Church of Haruki

(From the October 2016 issue of Konkokyo-ho Ametsuchi)

Importance of Continuing to Work HardRIMG26102

I started to learn calligraphy when I was a kindergartener and attended a calligraphy class once a week until I graduated from elementary school.  My handwriting was pretty bad, and it didn’t show much improvement despite much practice.  Because of this, I didn’t like the calligraphy class very much.  Moreover, the calligraphy teacher was an acquaintance of my parents, so I knew my parents would quickly know if I missed class even once.  Because I didn’t want to get scolded by my parents for missing the calligraphy class, I made sure I’d diligently go to the school each week.  続きを読む

Sermon from the July 2016 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”

Life that Is Kept Alive

By the Rev. Shigenori Yamasaki
Konko Church of Fukuoka-minami

(Reprinted from the July 2016 issue of Konkokyo-ho Ametsuchi)

山崎師_HPGetting to Know Kami through Sickness

I became sick as soon as I entered senior high school, and when I went to a hospital to be examined,  the doctor diagnosed that I had asthmatic bronchitis.  I had been blessed with good health until I got this disease, but I gradually became bedridden.  When you have asthma, you often have an extremely hard time breathing.  In the beginning, I didn’t take my sickness very seriously, but my condition increasingly got worse.  Consequently, we had to ask a doctor to come to see and treat me every day.  The doctor’s daily visits and his treatments didn’t cure my disease at all.  To make the matter worse, the doctor even said to me, “I cannot guarantee that you will get better as you grow older.” 続きを読む

Sermon from the June 2016 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”

金原師 HP掲載用 - コピーAll We Should Do Is to Practice
By the Rev. Mitsuzo Kimbara
Konko Church of Mizushima

(Reprinted from the June 2016 issue of Konkokyo-ho Ametsuchi)

We Are Expected to Follow Konko Daijin’s Teachings 

              Eighty years ago, from April 21st to September 10th, 1936, the Headquarters of the Konko Faith  held an event called  “Workshop for Following the Spiritual Leader’s Exemplary Service for our Parental Deity.”  The workshop was a long series, consisting of 16 occasions.  The Headquarters planned and implemented this event, hoping to remind the participants that our primary selfless service for Kami as Konko ministers is following our Spiritual Leader and the way he serves our Divine Parent as the Principal Mediator of the Konko Faith.  At the time, the Third Konko-Sama bestowed many teachings upon the seminar participants.  One of the teachings during the workshop was “If you want our Divine Parent to bestow divine virtue upon you, you are expected to put the Founder’s teachings into practice.  There is no secret other than this.”  To practice the Founder’s teachings…it is so simple and basic that everybody in the Konko community knows its importance very well already.  Yet, the Third Konko-Sama was kind enough to teach the participants about this.


Sermon From the August 2016 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”

If We Are Not Happy and Grateful,

We Are Not Following Konko Daijin’s Faith

Sermon by the Rev. Koji Toshimitsu

Konko Church of Kinoue

 (Reprinted from the August 2016 issue of Konkokyo-ho Ametsuchi)


利光康二3Being Made to Face My True Self

For the last few years, I had a personal faith motto: “If we are not happy and grateful, we are not following Konko Daijin’s Faith.” Several years ago, I went through a very difficult period in my life. I asked for and received Sacred Mediation, time after time, and I often prayed on my own. Each time, I felt some peace of mind, yet I believed I was left without any divine blessings. I could not even glimpse a clue to salvation. Instead, I was made to see my true self: I was far from being saved. 続きを読む

Sermon From the May 2016 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”

Kami’s Blessings Are Unlimited

By the Rev. Ken’o Abe, KonkoChurch of Desaki

(Reprinted from the May 2016 issue of Konkokyo-ho Ametsuchi)



The “framework” for our lives.

One day, Ms. Kiku Okada came to worship and told Konko Daijin, “With my poor health condition, I can’t help thinking that my life won’t be long.”  In response, Konko Daijin said, “Humans are unable to predict their life span.  Since Kami’s blessings are unlimited, practice faith, gain divine virtue, and live a long life.”  If we focus on the phrase, “…Kami’s blessings are unlimited,..” it is possible to imagine a world that easily transcends one’s constrained vision, for this is Kami’s world.  In this divine world, we are embraced without limit and unconditionally, and it extends and expands without end. 続きを読む

Sermon From the April 2016 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”

近藤栄一師(三重・上野)写真2Wasn’t It A Dream?

By the Rev. Ei’ichi Kondo’o
Konko Church of Ueno

What My Mother Wrote in her Diary

Thirteen years have passed since my mother passed away.  My mother was born with a heart condition called atrial septal defect and bronchial asthma.  Because of these congenital conditions, she was very fragile and therefore was not able to take part in school events such as athletic meets and school excursions.  Since I was innately healthy, she often said to me, “How fortunate you are, being given a healthy body!  You can participate in any school event.”   続きを読む