Sermon 2 from the March 2018 issue of “Konkokyo-ho: Ametsuchi”

江田師写真1The Grateful Crane

By the Rev. Izumi Ko’oda
Konko Church of O’otsuru

(From the March 2018 issue)


Right in the Northern Kyushu Heavy Rain

At around 15:00 on July 5th, 2017, an evacuation alarm sounded.  Hearing the alarm, I went out to see what was happening.  I immediately saw that muddy water was slowly coming into the grounds of our church. Soon, the water was in the church itself.  I shouted at my father and wife, “Let’s evacuate!  Now!!”  続きを読む

Call for Konkokyo Gathering in the UK 2013

The Konkokyo International Center (KIC) is going to hold Konkokyo Gathering in the UK on June. There will be faith enrichment workshop and religious service.
Please come and join us in the UK. Everyone is welcome!!
Also, on the 6th, we will hold a meeting with mothers who have small children. Please contact us if you are interested in it.
If you know anybody who lives in the UK or other countries in Europe, please let us know at your earliest convenience!!
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact KIC.
We look forward to meeting with all of you!

Konkokyo Gathering in London (all held in English & Japanese)
Date: Saturday, 8, June, 2013

☆Faith Enrichment Workshop
    Time: 10:00 – 12:00
☆Service, Sermon, and Casual Discussion
  Time: 13:30 – 16:30

Location: Pitman Room, Imperial Hotel, London
                Russell Square, London WC1B 5BB
                +44(0)20 7837 3655  

Konkokyo International Center
  TEL: +81-3-3818-3701
  FAX: +81-3-3818-3793
     Twitter: @konkokyo_kic

Tenchi Kane No Kami Grand Service

The 2013 Tench Kane No Kami Grand Service was held on March 31, April 4, April 7, and April 10. Over the four days, Our Spiritual Leader, Reverend Heiki Konkō presided over each of the services as the Head Officiant. Many believers and ministers made a pilgrimage for the ceremony.

Click the link for a video of the Tenchi Kane No Kami Grand Service:

Konko Faith Gatherings In New York

 We have got an invitation of Konko Faith Gatherings in New York which will be held on April 26th and 27th. This invitation came from Rev. Joanne Tolosa, the Head Minister of Konko Church of San Francisco.

Friday, April 26, 2013 

3:30pm – 5:30pm Coffee time (Tentative) with Joanne Sensei

  • Starbucks at 17th and Broadway
    41 Union Square West, New York, New York 10003
  • This is tentative, based on if you would like to meet separately as an individual/couple/family. Please contact me in advance if you plan to come between 3:30-5:30pm, or if you prefer,contact to set up an appointment with me and we can arrange a time and separate location

Saturday, April 27, 2013

11:00am – Prayer Service in Manhattan (Harlem), NY

Prayer Service, Offering of Sacred Flowers & Sermon

  • Lunch Provided
  • Discussion of 2013 KCNA Theme:
  • “Let us seek and receive Kami’s Words Through Mediation”
  • Free time for Fellowship/Sacred (Toritsugi) Mediation*/Questions till 2 pm

Please contact Rev. Tolosa to RSVP and for the address and directions to the location in Harlem. (

  “Please join us. I look forward to meeting with you!

I’m here to listen and share the Faith…”

Rev. Joanne Tolosa, M.S.W.

Konko Church of San Francisco Head Minister
For more information, please contact Rev. Tolosa
Church (415) 931-0453 

Missionary Women’s Society Seminar was held in Hawaii

Missionary Women Power!
(By Revs. Reiko & Edna Yano)

     The 4th Konko Missions in Hawaii and Konko Churches in North America Joint Missionary Women’s Society Seminar was held at the Konko Mission of Honolulu, in Hawaii from January 25-27, 2013.  The theme of our seminar was, “Revealing the Faith of the Pioneer Ministers: Missionary Women Power!” 「初代の信心を今に現そう:女性パワー!」. 

     There were 19 missionary women plus two male ministers who accompanied their wives on this trip, which included participants from the North America, Hawaii, and Japan.  And powerful we are!!  We really enjoyed sharing our faith with each other.   Through this seminar, we truly felt appreciative of the Pioneer women missionaries of Hawaii, North America and Japan.

     Rev. Reiko Yano, who is the current KMH MWSS Chair, stated an important message in her greeting speech for all women.  “The Founder said, ‘Women are closer to Kami.  Faith starts with a woman.’  Women are just like the Earth, and Men are just like the Heavens.  If women can remain stable, the family harmony can be maintained.  If women are not stable, it will be like a constant earthquake.  And no matter if you are indoors or outdoors, we can feel the insecurity and danger.  When mother jolts, there will be no peace within the family.  We must strive to be unconditionally loving and caring people, just like Mother Earth.”  

     Five presenters shared a 10-min insight on the pioneer missionary women of their choice.  Rev. Edna Yano (Wahiawa Church) shared the very first Missionary Women’s Gathering in 1962, along with individual pictures of each sensei and their inspiring stories.  During WW2, Rev. Masayuki Kodama (Honolulu Church) was sent to the internment camp and repatriated afterwards to Japan. While in Japan, he went to see Konko-Sama the 3rd to receive guidance.  To that, Konko-Sama III replied, “You can pull your family out of Hawaii and return to Japan.”  However, his wife, Rev. Kikue Kodama was firm in her conviction to not leave the islands and abandon the church and the many members.  Had she agreed to return to Japan, the Konko Missions in Hawaii would not be here today.  It was a very critical point of the organization in Hawaii, but all the women missionaries kept the faith firmly and never gave up.

     Rev. Joanne Tolosa of San Francisco Church shared about the unconditional love and compassion of the Rev. Shinko Fukuda and Rev. Fumiko Matsui.  They were always thinking about others, and never complained about any hardships that may occur in life.  Their single-heartedness to “Ikigami Konko Daijin-Sama” echoed throughout their prayer.  Their love was indescribable—these pioneer missionary women had a heart that was like a mother bird wrapping her wings around her injured child, making the bird feel so warm and secure.  Rev. Joanne Tolosa was so touched by this unconditional heart of Kami by the pioneer missionary women, that she too perpetuates this by giving people a warm hug to people who come to receive Toritsugi Mediation.  During her presentation, she highlighted the other present-day pioneer ministers among us—Rev. Setsuko Okuno (Hanapepe Church), Rev. Kanako Takeuchi (Chicago Church), Rev. Wakiko Igawa (Whittier Rose-Hill Church), and Revs. Toshio & Yoshiko Ota (Lancaster Church). 

     Rev. Yukari Yasui of the Neyagawa Church, Osaka talked about her mother, who was a school teacher.  When she received her salary, she placed the envelope without opening it on the offertory tray.  Yukari sensei’s father, who was the head minister, would always say with a smile from the Mediation Desk, “Gokurousama deshita (Thank you for your hard work).”  Then he took half the earned income and offered it straight to the Headquarters and other respective churches to give thanks.  The other half was used for church and living expenses.  Many of us shed tears while listening to her story, as we all have been through these dire financial situations, and received blessings.       

     During Rev. Mayumi Yasutake’s (Waipahu Church) presentation, we were surprised to know that of the 19 participants, 14 were overseas missionary women.  Of the 14 women, 11 became ordained from a lay-believer.  That is about 80% of the people that participated. 

     Rev. Michie Uzunoe (Portland Church) emphasized the importance of knowing the faith, history and “Behind the scenes” of the pioneer missionary women.  There women are truly the foundation of the church, that is not often brought into the spotlight.  She said, “I feel it is our duty to preserve what we can for the next generation.  I strongly believe this is the foundation of propagation.” 

     We had many group discussions to talk about our faith—even forgetting about breaks that were scheduled in-between.  We felt extremely energized to receive everyone’s power.   

     We would like to extend much appreciation to everyone who participated in this seminar, as well as the Konko Mission of Honolulu for being the host of this joint function.  We exchanged omiyage gifts with each other—hand-made with so much love.  The healthy and delicious meals were cooked and prepared by our wonderful and talented chefs.

     During Aloha Time, we enjoyed KCNA, KMH and Japan’s skits, songs and game presentations. To top it off, we whacked the Piñata and enjoyed a flurry of confetti and candy.

     On the last day, we joined the Honolulu Church Monthly Service and received the privilege of being able to listen to three mini-sermons by, Rev. Joanne Tolosa (San Francisco Church), Rev. Toshio Ota (Lancaster Church), and Rev. Masatoshi Shimanaka (Echigawa Church).

     Our final discussion ended with everyone in high spirits and anticipation to be able to meet each other for the 130th Anniversary of the Founder Konko Daijin’s Spiritual Birthday Grand Service in Okayama, Japan in October of this year.  Rev. Joanne Tolosa mentioned an additional wish to be able to hold a joint MWSS with our Brazil, Paraguay, and South Korea counterparts in a global perspective.  Finally, it is all of our prayer that we be allowed to attend the 5th Joint KMH/KCNA MWSS in 2018 with North America as host, to continue this faith tradition.  Thank you very much.